Free Vs. Value Checking

It’s time to “Amazon Proof” your portfolio.  

Jeff Bezos is no procrastinator. Neither are your competitors.

Over 600 institutions and their accountholders are realizing the many benefits of Secure Checking.

Secure Checking programs have high appeal for financial institutions like yours. Why? Maximum return for a modest investment. We handle all front- and back-end implementation to create a turnkey, quick-to-market program for our clients that helps them:

  • Substantially increase non-interest income – an average of $50* annually per account!
  • Deliver additional accountholder value to positively affect loyalty and retention
  • Create a competitive advantage in the marketplace

For your accountholders: A high-perceived value bundle of benefits including:

  • Cellular Telephone Protection
  • Cash Back Member Rewards
  • Buyers Protection & Extended Warranty
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Complete ID Theft Protection and Restoration Service
  • Credit Bureau Monitoring
  • Debit & Credit Card Registration
  • Travel and Entertainment Discounts
  • Health Discounts and Savings

When accountholders are offered a choice between Free Checking and Secure Checking, only 20%** will opt for the Free account!

Don’t wait for Amazon to make the first move.  Learn more in our no-obligation web meeting.  Review case studies of institutions which have tripled their checking account sign-ups, and others that have generated millions of dollars in new revenues. Plus hear stories from accountholders who incurred accidental damage to their cell phones, others whose accounts were hacked, and all who were thankful their institution offered this service.

*Average revenue generated by institutions using Secure Checking

** Typical accountholder response rate 

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