Our Story

What Drives You?

Each day, we strive to help further the credit union mission.  You might have heard of it…”people helping people”.

Let’s back up a moment.  Who’s “we”?

We are the team of GreenProfit Solutions.  In fact, we’re family.  Seriously.  A 35-year industry veteran Boomer and an eager-to-learn Millennial with over a decade of experience in the credit union world.  That’s what, almost a half-century of combined service to credit unions and their members?  Pretty neat, so what sets us apart?

To answer that question is to discuss why we exist.  On the surface, it’s to help credit unions better fulfill their mission.  What does that mean to you?  Because we probably have a solution to help move that goal forward.  Diving deeper, we have a passion for helping others reach their potential.  For a financial institution, it usually means working together to ensure their programs and services are warmly embraced.  Through our efforts, we want to make a positive impact in members’ lives.  It might be as simple as saving them time and money.  It could be helping them share their credit union experience with family and friends.  It might even empower them to get approved for a fair loan to have a car of their own.


We created a suite of solutions designed to help members get the most out of their credit union relationship.  In fact, many even complement each other, so you can enhance your positive efforts while maximizing growth!  We focus on the following areas:

  • Attract
    • Create continuous growth by staying close with existing members
  • Engage
    • Further your members’ relationships
  • Protect
    • Safeguard your portfolio and empower your members by offering appropriate insurance products

To us, a referral isn’t just a way to get another checking account or car loan.  It’s an opportunity to grow an existing relationship, while learning about a new member of your family.  A vehicle service contract isn’t just a way to avoid getting hit with a major repair bill.  It’s a safeguard to make sure a mother can continue driving to work and a father can drive his daughter to school, while protecting that family from a chain reaction of negative financial consequences.

When we say we’re about “people helping people”, we mean it.  And we live it, with a portion of our revenues supporting charity work both locally and across the country.


We work with a number of amazing companies to help you reach your goals.  All are long-time professionals in the insurance and marketing fields serving financial institutions.

GreenProfit Solutions
embraces conscious technologies to help credit unions and community banks best serve their members. There’s a lot of tech out there; we’re here to help you find the right balance.  Because even modern efficiency needs some old-school service.cuZOOM Line

TrueCar, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRUE) is the negotiation-free car buying and selling platform, making car buying convenient, transparent, and fun. Using technology that identifies those ready to buy, with a network of over 13,000 certified dealers, they assist financial institutions grow their loan portfolios.cuZOOM Line

Frost logo trans cuzoom website

With over 1100 credit union and banking clients, Frost Financial understands your business, with their VisualGAP platform seen as the industry standard. Protecting borrowers, while assisting institutions in generating revenue for institutions. Protecting Relationships-Providing Choice.cuZOOM Line

We encourage you to take a look at our Solutions to see how we can help you best serve your members.