About ZOOMing!

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We Began By Forgetting…

Imagine a family at a dealership.  After haggling back and forth for a couple of hours, yet still excited about purchasing a new car, they finished the paperwork and migrated to the F&I agent.  Presented with financing and optional services, they agreed on a monthly payment.

They had a new car. But did they get a good price? And who provided financing?  They didn’t know.

Full disclosure: The family was ours.  We realized an enormous issue was staring us, and every financial institution, in the face.  If this could happen to 40-year industry veterans like ourselves, what hope is there for the average member?  Like so many others, we had no idea if we were really getting a good deal, nor did we even consider who serviced the loan.

How could we have been helped if our credit union knew we were in the market?

Industry Challenges & New Opportunities

We recognized that financial institutions faced many difficulties.  Some couldn’t get enough direct loans, others were struggling with low “take” rates and declinations, while a portion were seeking an answer to connecting with their indirect borrower base to build greater wallet share.  But all had one major challenge: Growing their membership, while maximizing their profits.   It was time to make the right partners.  We aligned with longtime credit union services provider Frost Financial and top-rated car buying platform TrueCar to create solutions tailored to three areas:

  • Attract
    • Create continuous growth by staying close with existing members
  • Engage
    • Further your members’ relationships with your financial institution
  • Protect
    • Safeguard your portfolio and empower your members by offering appropriate insurance products for varied life situations

Our goal?  We want to help your credit union fulfill your mission of “people helping people”.  We are excited to help you confront what has long been called “impossible”.  Whether that’s indirect engagement or growing direct wallet share.  Take a look at our Solutions and see if any might be a fit.

Three Great Companies

The ZOOMing! folks are long time professionals in the insurance and marketing fields of the financial institution industry.

Business. Redefined.

GreenProfit Solutions embraces conscious technologies to help your credit union improve the community they serve and grow alongside. There’s a lot of tech out there; we’re here to help you find the right balance.  Because even modern efficiency needs some old-school service. cuZOOM Line

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TrueCar, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRUE) is the negotiation-free car buying and selling platform, making car buying convenient, transparent, and fun. Using technology that identifies those ready to buy, with a network of over 13,000 certified dealers, they assist financial institutions grow their loan portfolios.cuZOOM Line

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With over 1100 credit union and banking clients, Frost Financial understands your business, with their VisualGAP platform seen as the industry standard. Protecting borrowers, while assisting institutions in generating revenue for institutions. Protecting Relationships-Providing Choice.cuZOOM Line